What We Do

Cataloging and Metadata creation:

  • Original and copy cataloging following RDA guidelines
  • Records output in MARC or other formats
  • Non-English language materials accommodated
  • All material formats, including: audio, video, e-books and other e-resources


  • Retrospective conversion, call number reclassification, database cleanup
  • Metadata creation for digitized materials, vendor record upgrades
  • MARC migration --from your data into MARC or from MARC to the format you need
  • Full shelf-ready physical processing
  • Distribute records for publishers and content providers to client libraries

Our Catalogers can:

  • Work directly in your catalog, or on your behalf in bibliographic utilities such as OCLC and SkyRiver, or provide you with data files to load
  • Create and deliver records according to any specifications required

For Publishers, we can:

  • Provide MARC record batches to match your publishing schedule
  • Customize records for each of your client libraries
  • Enrich the metadata you already have to provide high quality MARC records

Project Management:

  • Provide planning, leadership and qualified staff on-site at libraries and museums for inventory, weeding, barcoding and RFID tagging, relabeling, and other collection management needs

Who We Are

We are professional librarians and archivists who:
  • DEDICATE ourselves to improving and streamlining access to information
  • RESPOND to clients' varied needs with proven solutions
  • DELIVER accurate and timely service with confidence
  • TAKE PRIDE in being a part of the library community for more than 30 years
  • SUPPORT our colleagues on the front lines of library service with a quality of work that meets or exceeds their own standards
  • FACILITATE successful partnerships among vendors, publishers and their library clients

Portfolio Snapshots