PCIP Request Form

The Donohue Group, Inc. is pleased to offer Publisher’s Cataloging-In-Publication (PCIP). We provide PCIP quickly and will work with you to produce PCIP that reflects the precise content of your publication.

Payment is by PayPal (for quickest service) or by check.

Rates are as follows:

  • Regular Service, turnaround in 2 weeks or less: $95 per title.
  • Rush Service, turnaround in 3 business days or less: $150 per title.
  • Bundle Pricing, PCIP for print and ebook together for a 15% discount off the total price: $161 standard, $255 rush.
  • For non-English titles or books in non-Roman script: please contact us directly (pcip@dgiinc.com) for language availability and pricing.

When you submit your PCIP request, we’ll contact you to confirm that we’ve received it, verify the information contained in the request, and arrange for payment through PayPal via email. You don’t need a PayPal account to make the payment. We can begin processing your request as soon as we receive your payment.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Pat McCurdy-Crescimanno at pcip@dgiinc.com or 860-683-1647. You can also visit our Helpful Tips page.

DGI will be closing at Noon on Friday Dec. 21st for the holiday break. We will be open again on Dec. 26th. We will also be closed January 1st.

Please use the form below to request PCIP.

Please review the form and gather the required information before you begin. You will see an acknowledgment page after completing the form.

Alternatively, you may use this downloadable MS-Word .docx form () or  (.doc version ) and email it to pcip@dgiinc.com . This is often a better choice if you don’t have all the required information at hand.

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Bundle Pricing

* If you plan to publish your print and ebook editions simultaneously, DGI can prepare PCIP for print and ebook together for a 15% discount off the total price ($161 standard, $255 rush for books in English). YesNo

Title and Copyright Pages

Please upload a single file containing the title and copyright pages, and any other relevant materials. The maximum file size is 15 MB. To send a larger file or multiple files, please email them directly to pcip@dgiinc.com

PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, JPG, GIF, PNG are all acceptable file formats.

Please email any additional files to pcip@dgiinc.com.

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This form may take 30 seconds or more to process if a large file is attached. When it finishes you should see a message below reading "Your message was sent successfully. Thanks." If that does not appear, please check that all required fields are completed. If submitting the form still does not display the successful message, please email pcip@dgiinc.com to let us know.

If you'd prefer to submit the form by email, you may use this downloadable MS-Word .docx form () or (.doc version ) and email it to pcip@dgiinc.com .

Thank you.