Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

Collection Management

Sometimes, you have ideas for projects to improve your library. But you might not always have someone there to advise you about the best choices. That’s where The Donohue Group (DGI) comes in!

Project management: We can provide experienced library project managers to ensure that your project is designed and executed to meet your specifications and timetable. If you are in need of extra staff to work on the project, we can bring people in as well.

Reclassification: Many libraries now are switching their collections between Dewey Decimal Classification, Library of Congress Classification, and sometimes even the book store model of BISAC classification. We can help update your records to reflect this change. We can then re-shelve your collection according to your new classification scheme. If you’d like us to shift your collection in some other way, we can do that as well.

Off-site storage: If your collections are being moved to a new facility, or to off-site storage for permanent housing, we can prepare them for this change. Your catalog will be updated to reflect which books are being moved. If titles are missing, we will create new, high-quality records for your database. We can also barcode or RFID tag your collection for easy retrieval from your new storage facility.

Shelf reading: Many libraries don’t have the staff to spend time making sure the collection remains in order. Staff can be sent to your library, for whatever amount of time necessary, to make sure your collection is always neat and easy to navigate. This step is typically combined with a reclassification or relabeling project.

Inventory: Over time, books get misplaced, collections get shifted, and weeded books don’t always find their way off the shelves. DGI can send in trained staff to perform an inventory to find out exactly what you have in your library. This step can lead to future projects, like cataloging and weeding, so that your patrons get the most out of your library. We can create inventory lists as well as provide suggestions for your collection.

Weeding: The most dreaded part of collection management is weeding. The Donohue Group can send in one of our professional librarians to help work through this process with your librarians. We can create inventory lists, run reports, and make sure that your collection remains relevant to your community.

Barcoding & security stripping: Projects like these are time consuming, and your library might not have the time or the funds to do these things in a timely manner. We can send staff to you, to work in whatever time of day works best for your library. We can efficiently apply these changes to your collection without disturbing your staff or your patrons.

Barcode label creation: DGI can prepare metadata for printing to your library’s standards. We can either shepherd the process for delivery to label vendors, or DGI can produce smart or dumb labels for you. Our quality control process includes a careful review of the data, so that errors and inconsistencies can be corrected before printing.

RFID tagging: This new technology is extremely helpful for keeping track of your collection, and for making circulation a much simpler task. However, setting up your collection to have RFID tags applied is a very intensive process. We can send staff to you to get this technology up and running in no time!