Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

Authority Control

The Donohue Group is NACO (Name Authority Cooperative Program) certified by the Library of Congress to contribute Name Authority Records to the Library of Congress Name Authority File. This means that in cases where a person’s name is not present in the LC authority database, we can add it.

Authority control also means a library catalog with standardized records. All works by the same author, or about the same subject, and so on, will be found in the same place. Terms change over time, and we can ensure that your records conform to the most up-to-date lists.

DGI provides authority control on a record-by-record basis for customized authority control. This process is ordinarily performed as part of a cataloging project. It might be the better choice if you are using an alternate thesaurus of headings. Even if your records are in a non-MARC format, we can authorize headings in your catalog.

As a final option, we can perform automated checks on your records and then manually adjust anything that needs fixing. Our professional staff can apply judgment based on their years of experience to make the best choices for your library’s needs.