Library and publisher cataloging and metadata


The Donohue Group, Inc. (DGI) has been providing consultation services to libraries since 1984. In a world of technical services vendors, DGI stands apart from its competitors as a company that is owned, managed and staffed by professional librarians. We see “the big picture” and guarantee clients a full-service solution to a complex undertaking.

Project planning and management: The first step in a successful project is to make a plan. The more detailed and organized this plan is, the less hassle in executing the plan. The Donohue Group can send in our professional staff to help you with project planning and management for whatever you might need.

RFP preparation: RFPs require a skill that not all libraries may have. We can create these requests for you, and then review vendors’ proposals as they are submitted. We can advise you on which would be the best offers to accept, and which to avoid.

Software selection: Our staff has had experience in all types and sizes of libraries, working with a vast array of software. DGI can provide an impartial professional to evaluate your institution’s needs and recommend solutions. We can then help you implement this new software to ensure the switch is painless and easy for everyone.

Dealing with software vendors may not be the easiest thing to do. DGI can send staff to be a liaison during these times. If any issues arise from new software installation or software conversion, we can be the support your library needs to fix it.

Institutional and strategic planning: What is your library’s purpose? What are your goals for service, and how can you develop your collection accordingly? We can help you create a plan so that your library best suits the community.