Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

Data Conversion


DGI provides data conversion services within the MARC environment and also between MARC and other formats.

MARC data may need to be converted from its source to properly load into another system. DGI can map fields from their original location to meet the requirements of the destination system. DGI also handles more complicated conversions:

  • Item types can be regrouped
  • Collection codes can be merged or separated
  • URLs can be modified with a common rule or customized for different libraries
  • Subsets of records or items can be given different sets of modifications.

We offer these and more to help you bring in items or data first cataloged for another use, another location, or another organization.

Batch MARC record creation: DGI can convert your non-MARC data to MARC using batch and/or manual processing methods. We are able to meet client needs regarding both budget and record quality by adjusting the levels of batch and manual processing used. If your budget is limited, DGI can work with you to deliver a product that will work for your library staff and patrons. Our experienced staff will work to map your metadata accurately to ensure the highest level of discoverability.

Conversion of MARC data to other formats: The Donohue Group can convert your MARC data into non-MARC formats for migration, analysis or reporting. Conversion formats include:

  • MARC to Dublin Core
  • MARC to table format, such as Excel and tab or comma delimited text
  • MARC field extraction
  • Reports from MARC data, such as names, subjects, titles and holdings
  • USMARC to UKMARC (to accommodate legacy systems)