Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

Shelf-ready processing and shipping

If you are a vendor with library clients that need shelf-ready processing services, The Donohue Group (DGI) can help.

Processing: Send orders to us for processing before they reach the ordering library. We can create labels in either a standard or customized format, and then apply them to the items. We can apply security devices, book protection such as jackets and lamination, and items can be stamped with a supplied library stamp. DGI has the experience needed to give each of your clients exactly what they need in an accurate and timely fashion.

Customizing MARC records or adding items: When a client library requires that their catalog be updated to reflect newly acquired items, DGI catalogers can assist. We can create a MARC record that includes the new item details and can be delivered directly to the library for loading, or catalogers can access the library’s holdings (in OCLC or in the library’s catalog) and add the item-specific information.

Shipping / Receiving: As you receive client library purchase orders, send the items to us and we can have them processed according to their specifications. Once we’ve done this, we will send the items directly to the client library, or a designated location of your choosing.

Once we are done processing your titles, your client libraries will be able to put them directly on their shelves and make the most of their order.