Helpful Tips


Let our staff of professional catalogers quickly and accurately prepare your PCIP block. We will deliver:

  • A Microsoft Word formatted PCIP block to be inserted in the copyright page of your publication
  • A MARC (machine-readable cataloging) record delivered to both OCLC and SkyRiver (cataloging utilities) so that librarians can almost instantly add your title to their local database
  • A MARC record for your library customers to download directly from your website (optional)



Helpful Tips

Submitting your information

When submitting a copy of the title page and copyright page of your publication, make sure that the information on these pages is in its final form. Catalogers create the PCIP block from the information exactly as it appears on these pages. If, for instance, there is a subtitle on the copyright page but not on the title page, this discrepancy will require us to contact you for clarification, and will delay the delivery of your PCIP.

If anyone associated with your publication has previously been published, please let us know. This applies not only to the main author, but anyone else whose name appears on the title page (co-author, editor, illustrator, translator, author of a preface or afterword, etc.). We often ask publishers to supply us with additional information, such as middle names/initials and dates of birth, in order to distinguish among people with the same or similar names who may already have been published. DGI staff members have been certified by the Library of Congress to establish the authorized form of name, if none exists, for those who are responsible for any aspect of a publication. These names are established in the Library of Congress database.

Please include a detailed summary of the publication on the PCIP order form. For fiction, it is helpful to know the location of the action, as well as the time period, in addition to a plot summary.

Illustrations: This refers to any non-text material in the publication, including drawings, photographs, charts, graphs, etc. If all illustrations are in color, please tell us.