Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

MARC Record Cataloging

The Donohue Group can provide MARC 21 catalog records for all your titles, or for a subset, or for just a few. This can include new releases as well as previously released titles. We are experts at current international cataloging standards including RDA guidelines, and can tailor records to meet the needs of you and your client institutions. Once MARC records have been created, we can deliver them to you, or directly to client libraries as needed.

Records can be created exactly to your specifications. Full Bibliographic, Order, Acquisitions, or CIP level records can be created depending on your needs. Additionally, we can customize MARC records for specific client libraries.

MARC records can be loaded to OCLC and SkyRiver as they are created, to give all your clients access to high quality records.

Multiple formats: We can create MARC records for all material formats. These include: book, large print, audio, video, e-resource, maps, music, images, kits, etc.

Client orders: MARC records can be delivered in a variety of formats, including .mrc, .txt, Microlif.001, and so on. We can create batches of records or send single-record files instead. We can deliver these batches based on client library purchase orders, or for “opening day” collections.

Authority controlThe Donohue Group is certified by the Library of Congress to submit names to the LC Name Authority file. When books are published by new authors, read by new narrators, and so on, those names should be authorized in the Library of Congress database. We can submit these names for you, so that future publications will have authorized headings.