Library and publisher cataloging and metadata

Customized MARC Records

Full MARC records can be tailored to meet the local cataloging requirements of a client library. We can make changes specific to your clients so that they can immediately add your titles to their database. Records can be delivered in the way your clients prefer. FTP and email are a few of the options.

We can log into a client library’s OCLC or SkyRiver account to make changes there, such as adding holdings or modifying existing records. Alternatively, we can connect remotely to a client library’s online catalog to make changes there.

MARC customization can include (but is not limited to):

  • Local call numbers
  • Local subject headings
  • Local holdings fields/item records (including: barcode, price, etc.)
  • Electronic location field (856)


Cataloging with Metadata Enrichment    

MARC records come in all kinds of forms and levels of quality.  That’s why DGI offers numerous levels of cataloging to fit the needs of every client.  A great cost-effective solution is our cataloging with metadata enrichment.

We can take your metadata, convert and enrich it to create high quality MARC records for your materials, and we can deliver the records to your library clients on your behalf.  And, since every library’s needs are different, we can customize their records to their specifications.

The best part is that these are your records, and our process is transparent.  You can keep a copy of every record we create for you, and your level of involvement with the process is your decision.  We work on your behalf, leveraging DGI’s reputation in the library community, so you deserve to see the work we provide to your library clients.