ASPEN Authority Control


Can’t see the forest for the trees? Need a reliable partner to help pave the way for full discoverability of your bibliographic records? DGI’s new ASPEN AUTHORITY CONTROL SERVICE provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to existing products in the library market. With ASPEN, there are no fancy add-on bells and whistles—just a streamlined tool to provide WHAT YOU NEED NOW to standardize access points. We offer one-time processing, annual subscriptions or a quick “drop & go” option. DGI’s services go beyond automation; we also offer professional processing and access point resolution. DGI is a woman-owned company of professional catalogers and metadata experts. Since 1984 we have served the library community with superior metadata creation services and excellent customer service.

FREE TRIAL: Institutions can submit a file of up to 1,000 bibliographic records to ASPEN for processing AT NO CHARGE. The resulting reports and updated records will be available to utilize at your discretion. This is a NO-RISK TRIAL!

Aspen Authority Control press release.

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